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What is Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search?

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is a type of patent search that is conducted to determine whether a product or service can be launched without infringing upon the existing patents or intellectual property (IP) of other companies. It is an important step that companies take before introducing new products or services to the market to avoid potential legal issues and infringement claims.

Why is Freedom to Operate Search Performed?

FTO search is performed to assess the risk associated with launching a new product or service. It helps companies to identify any potential legal hurdles they may face in the future due to existing patents and IP rights. By conducting an FTO search, companies can identify any potential infringement issues and take necessary actions to avoid any legal disputes that may arise.

Benefits of Freedom to Operate Search

  • Avoiding infringement lawsuits: FTO search helps companies to identify and avoid potential infringement issues before launching their product or service, which helps them avoid legal disputes and lawsuits.

  • Saving time and money: An FTO search can save companies significant time and money by avoiding expensive and time-consuming legal disputes and litigation.

  • Increased credibility: By conducting an FTO search, companies can demonstrate to potential investors and stakeholders that they have conducted their due diligence and are taking appropriate measures to avoid potential legal issues.

  • Increased business opportunities: FTO search can help companies identify opportunities for licensing and collaboration with other companies, which can lead to new business opportunities and revenue streams.

Stay ahead of legal risks with FTO Search by Albireo IP

Albireo IP offers a comprehensive freedom-to-operate search service to help clients determine whether their product or invention may infringe on existing patents or intellectual property rights. Our team of experienced patent professionals conducts a thorough search of existing patents and patent applications to identify potential infringement risks. We analyze the search results to provide clients with a detailed report outlining the potential risks and options for mitigating those risks, such as licensing or redesigning the product or invention. Our freedom-to-operate search service can help clients make informed decisions about their product or invention and can help avoid potential legal disputes or infringement claims.

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