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What is Validation Search?

Validation Search or Patent strength validation is a process of assessing the enforceability and market value of a granted patent. It involves analyzing various legal and commercial factors to determine the strength of a patent.

Why Patent Validation Search is Performed?

Patent strength validation is typically performed for two main reasons: before licensing a patent and before suing someone for patent infringement.

  1. Before Licensing: Before licensing a patent, a company or individual may want to assess the strength of the patent to determine its value. By analyzing various factors, it is possible to determine the enforceability of a patent and the likelihood of it being challenged or invalidated in court. This can help a licensor or licensee decide on a fair and reasonable licensing agreement.

  2. Before Suing: Before suing someone for patent infringement, a patent holder may want to assess the strength of their patent to ensure that they have a strong case. By performing a validity check, a patent holder can identify any weaknesses in their patent that could be exploited by the defendant. This can help the patent holder strengthen their case and increase the chances of a successful outcome in court.

Benefits of Patent Strength Validation

  • Helps identify the enforceability and commercial value of a granted patent.
  • Enables a patent holder to take proactive measures to defend their intellectual property.
  • Helps investors or companies make informed decisions about investing in a particular patent.

Validate your patent's strength with Albireo IP

Albireo IP’s patent validation search service is designed to help clients assess the strength and validity of their patents. Our team of experienced patent professionals conducts a comprehensive search of both patent and non-patent literature to identify any potential weaknesses or gaps in the patent’s claims. We analyze the search results to provide clients with a detailed report outlining the patent’s strength and potential risks of invalidation, as well as suggestions for strengthening the patent or addressing any potential risks. Our patent validation search service can help clients make informed decisions about their patents and ensure they are adequately protected.

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